01. An English-English dictionary is an important [tool] for the second language learner.
02. Could you reach into my [tool] box, and grab me a hammer?
03. Audio-tapes are an essential [tool] in the teaching of a foreign language.
04. Jasper bought a few [tools] so he could do minor repairs on his bicycle.
05. It is a poor worker that blames his [tools] for the mistakes he makes.
06. A plumber's [tool] belt weighs about 10 kilograms when all his wrenches and everything are on it.
07. I don't have the proper [tools] to fix my car by myself.
08. Leo Gomes once said that while modern technology has given people powerful new communication [tools], it apparently can do nothing to alter the fact that many people have nothing useful to say.
09. Learners' dictionaries are an important [tool] for the second language learner.
10. There is a Moroccan proverb which states that a wise man without a book is like a workman with no [tools].
11. Native peoples of South America catch piranhas, and use their razor-sharp teeth to make [tools] and weapons.
12. Only about 20 percent of diamonds are made into jewels; the rest are used to make [tools] such as dental drills and metal cutters.
13. In ancient Egypt, the bandaging of a mummy took from 6 to 8 months, and required special [tools], including a long hook that was used to draw the dead person's brains out through his nose.
14. The development of [tools] increases people's capacity to exploit their environment.
15. Karl Marx believed that the dominant few encourage religious faith among the masses as a subtle [tool] in the process of economic exploitation.
16. The greatest [tool] for healing is the emotion of joy.
17. The earliest bone [tools] found to date were developed in Africa about 80,000 years ago.
18. Bonobos are small chimpanzees that use simple [tools] such as stones or pieces of wood to break open nuts.
19. This new media program is an excellent music management [tool].
20. The Aztec civilization built enormous constructions from stone [tools] and human labor.
21. Stephen King once suggested that the trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful [tool].
22. The scientific method is the main [tool] used by psychologists for investigating both the mind and behavior.
23. Recent studies show that translation is a helpful [tool] in learning new foreign language vocabulary.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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